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At J. Schapson Innovations LLC, we’re on a mission to make work safer and easier for first responders and healthcare professionals through innovative product design. We understand the unique challenges healthcare professionals and first responders face, and we strive to solve them through our products. Our patented flagship product, the STATbadge, has been a huge success with overwhelming positive feedback from the industry. We’re currently developing other new products, so stay tuned for exciting updates.

Latest Product

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Perfect for mental health settings! I'm a psych nurse practitioner, and I work inpatient with children and adolescents. Traditional lanyards and reels are a ligature risk and are a danger to patients and staff, so STATbadges are perfect for inpatient mental health staff. We have many locked doors and are required by law to wear our badges at all times,  and STATbadges keep everyone safe while keeping us in compliance. I had a coworker actively try to take my badge/keys from me, and they did not budge. Solid craftsmanship and design, and the artwork I requested was perfectly centered. I will be buying more and I suggest them to all of our staff!

Katie   April 8, 2023

This is a great product. I have markers on my badge reel and the strings on my old ones would constantly get worn down because of the weight. With this product, I never have to worry about having too much on my id badge. The magnet makes it easy to take on and off when I need to swipe in and I could not recommend it more.

Jae   April 13, 2023

Such a great idea. Any other badge reel I have had stretches out or gets stuck in the seat belt of the ambulance when I get out. The badge detaches easily enough for ease with gaining access to units etc but strong enough that it won't get lost. Customer service was quick and excellent. Pictures on the button turned out amazing. Excellent produce with outstanding customer service. Do yourself a favor and purchase one or more :)

kurt   November 3, 2022


  • Where can our products be purchased?
    Our current products can be purchased from our Etsy shop here.
  • Can I make a bulk or wholesale order?
    Yes! Please contact use here for bulk or wholesale orders.
  • Will the STAT Badge interfere with my ability so open doors or log in to computers using my ID?
    Most IDs have an embedded RFID chip that will open a door or allow access to a computer system when the ID is placed in close proximity to a sensor. This is different and separate from the magnetic stripe that you have to slide through a reader like a credit card. The RFID chip uses radio waves and is not effected by magnets.
  • Will the magnets effect the magnetic stripe on my ID?
    The magnetic stripe on the back of some identification cards are similar to those used in credit cards and may be effected by the magnets in your STAT Badge, but this has not been a reported problem. However, it is recommended to not allow the magnets to come in direct contact with the magnetic stripe. Should the magnets affect the magnetic strip and your ID has a RFID chip in it you will still be able to open doors and login to computers as the RFID chip is not effected by magnets.
  • Is the STAT Badge safe to use near Pacemakers and Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillators (ICD)?
    Many pacemakers are reprogramed or deactivated in the presence of a magnetic fields greater than 5 gauss. The recommended safe distance to keep your STAT Badge away from pacemakers and ICDs is 6 inches. The strength of the magnets used in your STATbadge decreases to 5 gauss at a distance of 2 inches, giving you a 3:1 safety factor when you maintain the safe distance of 6 inches from any pacemaker or ICD. Follow these links for more information. K&J Magnetics, Pacemaker Safety Boston Scientific, Using Household Appliances and Tools (EMI Safety) Medtronic, Frequently Asked Questions American Heart Association, Devices that May Interfere with ICDs and Pacemakers Interference of neodymium magnets with cardiac pacemakers and implantable cardioverter-defibrillators: An in vitro study.
  • Is the STAT Badge MRI safe?
    NO. The STAT Badge contains two magnets which are not compatible in MRIs and the STAT Badge should be removed before entering the MRI restricted areas.
  • What if I buy a STATbadge and wind up not liking it?
    First of all, don't worry. We have a 30 day money back guarantee including free return shipping. Click here to see our refund policy. We are offering this because we believe in our product and genuinely think you will like it better than any other product on the market. However, we would rather you be happy with your shopping experience than force you to keep a product you don't like. So if you are not happy with your purchase for any reason please reach out to us, we want to make it right.
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